Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trying Not to Mess with Nature

Just outside our front door under our shaded porch is a mama bird keeping her baby eggs warm. I am always amazed at the devotion of these birds and what they will do for their "children".

Last year same thing happened. Den was so worried that our cat would get the bird before her eggs had a chance. So he went to Lowes and bought a piece of wood and sawed it down to size. Then he ever so carefully put it in such a way on the tree underneath the bird, making it nearly impossible for Alex our cat to climb to get to the nest. Well in the process of doing this, the bird freaked, flew off and hit the garage door. She was injured and then limpingly flew onto the roof.

Next morning not only was the bird gone but so were the baby birds that had just hatched. We found their remains....oh, never mind, I'll spare you the details. Dennis felt just TERRIBLE about it.

Hailey is very intrigued by this year's bird and wants to go check her often. Here she is in her jammies holding her deedee, first thing this morning. We are hoping this spring for a happier ending.

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Anonymous said...


I am so happy that you are checking on the momma bird and her little ones. She will enjoy your company and loving words. I think she will look forward to those bright pink pj's,too. You are a precious little flower in those!

Gavin's Grandma in Michigan