Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!!

29 years ago today, at exactly 11 pm, I gave birth to this little guy:
(Note: I am having much trouble with this post. The pictures keep disappearing. If anyone has a clue what I am doing wrong, please contact me.)

It was a very windy night. Earlier that afternoon, about 3:30, my sister Peggy drove me to Sanger for my weekly check in with Dr. Heinrichs. He surprised me by saying, “I think I’ll see you tonight. My daughter has Indian Maidens so I hope it’s after that.” I told him not to worry since my first baby was 3 weeks late, and we were only 3 days past my due date this time.

My parents were in Boston as my Dad had just run the marathon the day before. Bill was working late in Laton, about an hour away. Since my sister Peggy was with me I asked her to take a picture of my pregnant belly. Back in 1979 this was a rather daring thing to do. So we went into the bedroom, I lifted up my blouse and she quickly took a picture. She was so nervous that I don’t think she even got my head in the picture. It was like we were afraid we would get arrested or something.

I began feeling contractions around 6pm so Bill's parents came to pick me and Brock up. The wind was blowing so incredibly that I remember feeling I was swaying as I walked up the stairs to their condo. Bill’s mom made me some herb tea and I tried to relax. That didn't work, so about 9pm I asked if they would take me to the hospital. I was sure the baby would not come til the following day but the plan was to take their motor home and let me stay in there til it was time to be admitted. The hospital charged us by the day, not the hour. So if I could wait til after midnight to be admitted I would be saved an entire day’s expense.

I called Bill and he followed behind the motor home to the hospital. As soon as we arrived I asked Bill to go inside and ask if I could just be checked without being admitted. Next thing I knew a nurse was coming out to us with a wheel chair. She insisted I come in. I told her I did not want to be admitted just yet, just wanted to know how much I was progressing. It was 10:10 pm. I was told I was dialated to a 5. About 20 minutes later Dr Heinrichs said I was at a 10 and told Bill to get dressed for the delivery. I thought they were both nuts. No way was I feeling like I was ready to give birth. He told me to push so I did and 10 very long and painful minutes later Logan entered the world. 6 lbs, 10 oz. at exactly 11pm. It was a completely unmedicated birth which was the norm back in 1979.

Sanger Hospital is/was a very small place. There were only 19 patients the night he was born, and he was the only baby. He was placed in a little glass crib by my bed. His pink color kept turning to purple. I was told he had “body temperature problems” so they put him in a little incubator that was all encased to keep him warm.

I found out the next day that the window in the adjoining bathroom was wide open! All that fierce wind was coming through. We closed the window and Logan was fine. The little incubator was wheeled out and we were discharged to go home.

Logan was a very very sweet and loving little boy as long as he wasn't tired or hungry, then watch out. He was so adored that he had several nick names. Brock was only 2 when he was born and could not pronounce his L's yet so he called him Regan for years. We also called him Loganzo, Go Go, and mostly Logie. He was very quiet and good natured and I use to dance holding him, around our living room to the following song, cranked up loud. Whenever I hear it to this day I can picture that blond little guy with the blue eyes resting his head on my shoulder as we danced. He loved it and it became HIS song (although he totally outgrew the shyness, unfortunately):

He was so easy going. Not only did he get the "most easy going" award in 6th grade, but he was also a very easy going child. He could sleep anywhere:

He was so good to his little brothers once they came along. When Logan was about 6 and McKay was a toddler he once said to me, "I wish I could hold him all night long". He was so patient and kind and he would tell me that when he grew up he was going to have lots and lots of children:
He was a very creative and independent little boy. He knew what he wanted to do and he found a way to accomplish it. I love the look on his face in this picture. I remember this day very well. Tyler was only a couple weeks old and they decided to play detective. It was a Saturday morning and they were still in the PJs so they just added their dad's pajamas on top, along with his hats. I remember the total joy I felt that morning watching my FOUR SONS.

Logan was not into details. He use to say on Halloween night, "Mommy where is my Easter basket so we can go trick or treating?" Or instead of saying Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, he would say very innocently, "Snow White and the 7 Twirps." He also had a wonderful imagination. I remember the time I went to his parent conference with his kindergarten teacher and Miss Briglia said to me, "I didn't know you were moving to Oklahoma."

His 6th grade teacher wrote us a letter once that read, "....In the last 6 years of teaching and coaching, I have never "met" a more honest person. His values are high, his goals all high and his personality is perfect for getting along with others..."

When Logan was 16 he was determined to get a job at Wild Water Adventures. He applied and then was thrilled when he got accepted. Problem was it was early spring and Wild Waters was not opening til end of May. So he would call them often and ask if they had anything he could start doing now. They let him come and do yard work or whatever. He didn't care, he just wanted to work. When the season started he would work all the shifts they would allow him to do. He was very well liked. He ended up getting Employee of the Year....chosen from about 150 employees.

Here he is with cousin Robin back in 2003:

The very happily married couple, Logan and Amy:

Logan and Amy, his beautiful wife and 5 children, Chandler, Austin, Macie, Kylie, and Laurynn:

I love you Logie. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


logan heasley said...

I don't remember it being quite like that, maybe you should preface your story with' "this is inspired by a true story"


logan heasley said...

I thought you did a beautiful job with telling the story of Logan. I love to hear how he was growing up. He still hasn't changed. He is still easy going unless he is hungry or tired, ha ha. Thank you for this. I loved it!!

logan heasley said...

P.S. it was a very sweet and wonderful story


Jill said...

Thank you Logan and Amy! It was all true. I should know, I was there. :)
I just left out the parts how you were the most aggressive boy on the block. And here is a journal entry of mine from Feb. 17, 1985, "Brock and Logan fight terribly. Logan will tease Brock and then Brock will slug and Logan will fight to kill."
Notice how I said you were so good to your younger brothers?
Love you both,

the Rich girl said...

I like that journal entry. You should consider giving that its own spot on your blog. That's called family bonding.

Anonymous said...

This is to verify the authenticity of the story as told to me in letters over the past 29 years!!
Your mother's love for her family is most incredible and I am thankful to be her friend. (Pam)

grandmapeg said...

These stories are so cute!! And to think...I even met Logan in person before I met you! I remember feeling like a "Foster parent" to him at the MTC. This is a great entry!