Friday, April 11, 2008

It's tough being 5

Every Friday I pick up my 5 year old granddaughter Elora from school at 11:30 and keep her for several hours.

After I had buckled her up in the car she said very wearily, "Grandma Honey, I have some really bad news to tell you."
Okay, tell me.
"Well", she begins, "Joseph and Nizeth (a boy and girl in her kindergarten class) are getting married today."
They are?
"Yes", Elora tells me. "I kept telling them they are too young to get married but they wouldn't listen to me. "

I agreed that yes, 5 years old is too young to get married.

Then she says with an even sadder tone, "Joseph was suppose to marry me but he's decided on Nizeth. Joseph said I could marry his best friend but I don't even know what he looks like!"

So we arrive at my house, and while I am fixing lunch Elora brings it up again, "Well they are at the temple right now."
"Getting married, Grandma Honey."
Oh we are back on that again.
"Monday is going to be really hard to get through. Joseph and Nizeth will be back at school and they will be married. They are going to look bigger and taller. "

A few hours later her cousins come to play:

We are all sitting on a blanket on the front lawn. Elora asks Laurynn, Macie and Kylie if they can keep a secret. They promise that they can. So after she gets their total attention she says, "A boy and girl in my class at school got married in the temple today." All 3 girls looked stunned at the same time. They all look to me for the truth. I look back at Elora. Then I said, "Would you all like a Popsicle?"

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grandmapeg said...

Can Elora get any cuter in her conversations!!!! I love this story and she is so fortunate to have her cousins so close by. You are such a great grandma!!