Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Primary Teacher

A few years ago I was looking through a memory book my Mom had made for me. In it I found this:

A Primary Report card? Inside:

For those who may not be familiar with this, Primary is an organization in our church for children ages 3-11. We would meet once a week for about 90 minutes...or was it an hour?... We would learn about very tender subjects such as family, being honest, being kind, etc.

I noticed the signature, Linda Jaeckel. Then I remembered that we had a Linda Jaeckel in 2nd ward, the next ward over from ours. I talked to her and sure enough, she remembered teaching me nearly 50 years ago!

She said one particular Primary day we all had red crepe paper around our necks. I think they must have been attached to a hat or collar we were wearing for a program perhaps. She said I was chewing on mine and I got red coloring all over my dress. My mom was the Primary President at the time and this was Linda's very first Primary class. She was worried my Mom would be upset with her because she thought my dress was ruined.

She didn't know my mom very well to have been concerned. My mother never worried about drippy red stains on dresses.

I took this picture last Saturday night of Sister Jaeckel and her husband, Patriarch Jaeckel.

Thank you Sister Jaeckel for being my Primary teacher back in the school year of 1959-1960. I wish I could remember you specifically, but I do know that I loved Primary back then. I also noticed that on my Primary report card you said I was attentive and willing to participate. I obviously felt comfortable with you because I was a very shy little girl.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Selective Memory

I realize I have selective memory as I get older. I tend to hold on to the good and conveniently forget the not so good. I have my journals to help balance it out:

November 3, 1987

Today Tyler (almost 2) threw every bit of make up I own in the toilet, threw a bucket of dirt on the couch, threw a handful of spoons at me, turned the backyard water on and flooded the yard and himself,-----I dressed him again and he stripped himself. He also poured a bucket of water on the dining room floor. McKay whined most of the day (and screamed).”

September 19, 1988

Brock (11 ½ ) had an enormous amount of homework so I asked Logan (9) to clean the family room by himself (they usually do this together each night). Logan was very upset and said this wasn’t fair. So I told him---“Why don’t you make a deal with Brock? Tell him you’ll clean the family room by yourself tonight if he’ll do it alone tomorrow night.”

So Logan staggered out of the room to tell Brock the plan and came back a few minutes later complaining. “He said he doesn’t like that plan and he won’t do it .” I was surprised and disappointed in Brock but too tired at the time to go discuss it with him. About an hour later they were both watching TV in the messy family room----I turned it off and angrily said to Brock, “How dare you watch TV after declining Logan’s offer! He was willing to clean this room all by himself if you’d just agree to clean it tomorrow night.” Brock looked shocked and said, “What?! Logan told me---‘Brock, if you clean the family room for the next 2 years, I’ll clean it the year after that.”

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Half of our grandchildren

Today we had our semi-annual stake conference. That is where several wards meet together to hear messages from our leaders. We also have a semi- tradition (in that we don't do it every time) of meeting afterwards at our house for lunch with Brock and Logan and their families, which include little less than 1/2 of our grandchildren:

Thank you Brock for taking this picture. He does a much better job than I.

We had one foot injury that was cured by a brownie.

Cami loved watching the video all about herself. She even does the hand signs at the right time...copying herself in the video. Too cute.

We wish ALL our children and grandchildren could have been with us today but then we'd need a bigger house.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Under the same roof

For the first time in 5 years, my two youngest sons McKay and Tyler, are living together. There was about a 4 year span they were apart as their 2 year missions overlapped. Then one by one they went to BYU where they still are. Tyler's apartment complex is being renovated so McKay invited him to come live with him for the summer. Moved in yesterday.

Dennis thinks I should leave this event off my blog.

I, however, love this event. I love the thought that they are together again living under the same roof. A mom thing I guess.

I hope I don't embarrass them, but I don't think they read this blog anyway. And so what, they know how I am. I just have to say, they were so inseparable growing up. If we were looking for one in the house, the other one would be right there. Always together.

No, this was not their room. They often consider our bed, their bed.

I know at 22 and 24 they do not look like this anymore. Still to me, they always will.

A journal entry of mine, Dec. 18th, 1992:
"Today was the last day of school before vacation. I informed McKay (8 1/2) and Tyler (7) that when school resumed they would have different lunch hours. They both looked very sad and hung their heads. Then Tyler said, "Well...at least we'll still be brothers."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Leaning Towards Good News

I've been gone most of the day due to a wedding. It is now after 10pm, just got home and called my sister Peggy. Hosanna has been moved out of ICU! She is able to have a parent with her at all times so Enoch and Carly take turns. Tonight I hear she has her arms wrapped around her daddy's neck and won't let go.

Turns out, the Drs think she has a virus that went into her ears and then into her brain. So they have ruled out a bacterial infection (which is good) and they are now leaning towards a virus of some kind that will just have to run its course. They will know for sure what this is on Monday, they are told. She may even be able to go home on Monday!

Thank you all who are praying for our Hosanna and for her family. I am going to sleep better tonight. We are leaning towards happy.

Hosanna jumping from a tree with little brother in Carly's back pack and 3 year old Rivy near by. Picture taken last month. Beautiful country, huh?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More on Hosanna

I just talked to my sister Peggy about her granddaughter Hosanna. Enoch called her and said she is still in ICU having seizures and partial blindness. They have a top neurologist trying to make a diagnosis. Carly of course is having a very hard time. This is difficult on Peggy too not being able to be there to help. All we can do for now is pray but prayer is powerful. Enoch also sent this email to me and others today Thank you Enoch. We can't be with you but so many of us are with you in spirit:

Dear all,

Most of you have heard that Hosanna has some ailment that the doctors here in Panama are currently trying to diagnose. It began from what we thought was a bacterial meningitis infection but then was complicated when she fell from her bed and got a large egg on her forehead. This all began Tuesday morning when she suddenly lost her vision and became very lethargic with a slight fever. It seems like we have driven over half of Panama in ambulances now but she is in stable condition and being monitored and studied by a competent team of doctors and a neurologist. A CT scan came back clear and we are waiting (until Hosanna is drowsy so she will stay still) to have an MRI so they can take a closer look at her brain. We will keep you informed as we find out more.

For those of you who are worried that we are in Panama, Panama's hospital system is the best in Latin America and Hosanna is receiving first rate treatment. If it becomes necessary we have the option to fly to a hospital in the United States. Hosanna is currently in the ICU at Jose Olbadia Children's Hospital in David, Panama. Please keep us and Hosanna in your prayers. If you wish to call us you can do so by calling internationally: 011-507-6811-7710.

Much love,
Enoch and the gang

Having Hailey Withdrawals!

Papa and Chickie (aka her grandparents) picked up Hailey from our home yesterday afternoon about 4pm. They were driving her back to be with her Daddy. Hailey had been with us for a week. Jason, her Dad, was here too but he went back home on Sunday.

Bye bye Hailey.

We are going through withdrawals. What a delightful little girl she is and how we love her!

She took Headie home with her. Headie use to hold her Mommy's wig. Here is Headie with Chickie and Hailey:

You know those ugly rotten looking teeth that people wear on Halloween? A few days ago Hailey and I were visiting Dennis at his office. One of the investigators, "Funny John" as Hailey calls him, quickly put in his Halloween teeth before we entered his office. When I saw him open his mouth I was worried that Hailey would be frightened. Instead she looked right at him and said in her very soft spoken serious way, "My daddy could fix your teeth. He's a dentist."

Hailey and "Funny John": (after he took those ugly teeth out)

I miss Hailey. I miss her coming in my room every morning and climbing up on my bed to snuggle, with her head sharing my pillow.

Sorry, I don't do morning pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hosanna Update

Thank you for the prayers concerning Hosanna. The Drs have ruled out meningitis. Then they thought she had some kind of poisoning, perhaps from pesticides. They have sort of ruled that out since she appears to be getting better. She was having convulsions but those seem to have stopped. She was also unresponsive but that is improving also.

However, Hosanna was put into ICU and Carly and Enoch, with their other two, have been sent back to the hotel they are staying at, which is just a few blocks from the hospital there in Panama. They were told they cannot see her til 8am tomorrow morning and only for 5 minutes. Of course the big question is, if she is getting better why have they put her into ICU? And why can Carly no longer be by her baby's side? It is especially difficult because only Enoch knows Spanish, so he has to interpret everything to Carly.

We should know more tomorrow after their 8am visit.

This was taken last month. Rivy, Hosanna, and a neighbor girl:

May we ask for your prayers?

This morning I got this message from my sister Peggy. Carly is her oldest daughter:

"I believe in strength in numbers so I am asking for your prayers in behalf of Carly's little Hosanna. She is in the hospital in Panama, they are not sure what is wrong but they are testing for meningitis. Carly is absolutely beside herself with worry, she has no support system there so she had to stay behind on the island while Enoch is going by ambulance 3 hours away. I am so far away all I can do is pray and I ask the same of you my family. thanks Peggy"

Rivka on the left and Hosanna on the right, wearing the Easter dresses Peggy sent to them.

click to enlarge

Trying Not to Mess with Nature

Just outside our front door under our shaded porch is a mama bird keeping her baby eggs warm. I am always amazed at the devotion of these birds and what they will do for their "children".

Last year same thing happened. Den was so worried that our cat would get the bird before her eggs had a chance. So he went to Lowes and bought a piece of wood and sawed it down to size. Then he ever so carefully put it in such a way on the tree underneath the bird, making it nearly impossible for Alex our cat to climb to get to the nest. Well in the process of doing this, the bird freaked, flew off and hit the garage door. She was injured and then limpingly flew onto the roof.

Next morning not only was the bird gone but so were the baby birds that had just hatched. We found their remains....oh, never mind, I'll spare you the details. Dennis felt just TERRIBLE about it.

Hailey is very intrigued by this year's bird and wants to go check her often. Here she is in her jammies holding her deedee, first thing this morning. We are hoping this spring for a happier ending.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Mother's Love

Before Robin died she wanted to make sure she bought clothes for Hailey to wear this spring and summer. She bought them all in the same tones so Jason could mix and match them and they would all look good together. So today Hailey and I put them all over the bed so we could take a picture. One of the main reasons I am writing this blog is to preserve history. Someday when Hailey is older I want her to remember these outfits her mom so lovingly chose for her. I can't even imagine the physical and emotional strength it took for Robin to do this for her daughter.

One of the little shirts says, "I Love Mommy" and on the back it says, "...And Mommy Loves Me!" 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

He's Arrived in Atlanta!

Hard to believe that this little baby, Colt Kennington, who is my sister Peggy's son, is now serving in the Georgia Atlanta Mission.
Above he is seen in 1989 with sister Carly and brother Jake. He was born on January 13 of that year...Friday the 13th, also the 13th hour and the 13th minute. Lucky boy. He actually made a small clip in national news because of his interesting birth time.

So on April 8th, he left the Missionary Training Center and arrived in Atlanta. Here he is with the mission president, Warren Mathusek, and his wife.
If you would like to write to Elder Kennington, here is the main address:

Elder Colt Kennington
112 Governor's Sq, Suite A
Fayetteville, Ga 30215

We are so proud of you, Elder Kennington!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Our granddaughter Macie:

likes to eat Popsicles as soon as the weather starts warming up. She called them "Poppa-sicles" last summer so I labeled them that way in our freezer. She is 7 now so we are hoping they will still be "Poppa-sicles" this summer, too.

Look in the upper right corner: (And I promise we don't eat the corndogs.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Robin's Program

Click to enlarge

Robin's Obituary

Click it so it will come up more clear to read.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!!

29 years ago today, at exactly 11 pm, I gave birth to this little guy:
(Note: I am having much trouble with this post. The pictures keep disappearing. If anyone has a clue what I am doing wrong, please contact me.)

It was a very windy night. Earlier that afternoon, about 3:30, my sister Peggy drove me to Sanger for my weekly check in with Dr. Heinrichs. He surprised me by saying, “I think I’ll see you tonight. My daughter has Indian Maidens so I hope it’s after that.” I told him not to worry since my first baby was 3 weeks late, and we were only 3 days past my due date this time.

My parents were in Boston as my Dad had just run the marathon the day before. Bill was working late in Laton, about an hour away. Since my sister Peggy was with me I asked her to take a picture of my pregnant belly. Back in 1979 this was a rather daring thing to do. So we went into the bedroom, I lifted up my blouse and she quickly took a picture. She was so nervous that I don’t think she even got my head in the picture. It was like we were afraid we would get arrested or something.

I began feeling contractions around 6pm so Bill's parents came to pick me and Brock up. The wind was blowing so incredibly that I remember feeling I was swaying as I walked up the stairs to their condo. Bill’s mom made me some herb tea and I tried to relax. That didn't work, so about 9pm I asked if they would take me to the hospital. I was sure the baby would not come til the following day but the plan was to take their motor home and let me stay in there til it was time to be admitted. The hospital charged us by the day, not the hour. So if I could wait til after midnight to be admitted I would be saved an entire day’s expense.

I called Bill and he followed behind the motor home to the hospital. As soon as we arrived I asked Bill to go inside and ask if I could just be checked without being admitted. Next thing I knew a nurse was coming out to us with a wheel chair. She insisted I come in. I told her I did not want to be admitted just yet, just wanted to know how much I was progressing. It was 10:10 pm. I was told I was dialated to a 5. About 20 minutes later Dr Heinrichs said I was at a 10 and told Bill to get dressed for the delivery. I thought they were both nuts. No way was I feeling like I was ready to give birth. He told me to push so I did and 10 very long and painful minutes later Logan entered the world. 6 lbs, 10 oz. at exactly 11pm. It was a completely unmedicated birth which was the norm back in 1979.

Sanger Hospital is/was a very small place. There were only 19 patients the night he was born, and he was the only baby. He was placed in a little glass crib by my bed. His pink color kept turning to purple. I was told he had “body temperature problems” so they put him in a little incubator that was all encased to keep him warm.

I found out the next day that the window in the adjoining bathroom was wide open! All that fierce wind was coming through. We closed the window and Logan was fine. The little incubator was wheeled out and we were discharged to go home.

Logan was a very very sweet and loving little boy as long as he wasn't tired or hungry, then watch out. He was so adored that he had several nick names. Brock was only 2 when he was born and could not pronounce his L's yet so he called him Regan for years. We also called him Loganzo, Go Go, and mostly Logie. He was very quiet and good natured and I use to dance holding him, around our living room to the following song, cranked up loud. Whenever I hear it to this day I can picture that blond little guy with the blue eyes resting his head on my shoulder as we danced. He loved it and it became HIS song (although he totally outgrew the shyness, unfortunately):

He was so easy going. Not only did he get the "most easy going" award in 6th grade, but he was also a very easy going child. He could sleep anywhere:

He was so good to his little brothers once they came along. When Logan was about 6 and McKay was a toddler he once said to me, "I wish I could hold him all night long". He was so patient and kind and he would tell me that when he grew up he was going to have lots and lots of children:
He was a very creative and independent little boy. He knew what he wanted to do and he found a way to accomplish it. I love the look on his face in this picture. I remember this day very well. Tyler was only a couple weeks old and they decided to play detective. It was a Saturday morning and they were still in the PJs so they just added their dad's pajamas on top, along with his hats. I remember the total joy I felt that morning watching my FOUR SONS.

Logan was not into details. He use to say on Halloween night, "Mommy where is my Easter basket so we can go trick or treating?" Or instead of saying Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, he would say very innocently, "Snow White and the 7 Twirps." He also had a wonderful imagination. I remember the time I went to his parent conference with his kindergarten teacher and Miss Briglia said to me, "I didn't know you were moving to Oklahoma."

His 6th grade teacher wrote us a letter once that read, "....In the last 6 years of teaching and coaching, I have never "met" a more honest person. His values are high, his goals all high and his personality is perfect for getting along with others..."

When Logan was 16 he was determined to get a job at Wild Water Adventures. He applied and then was thrilled when he got accepted. Problem was it was early spring and Wild Waters was not opening til end of May. So he would call them often and ask if they had anything he could start doing now. They let him come and do yard work or whatever. He didn't care, he just wanted to work. When the season started he would work all the shifts they would allow him to do. He was very well liked. He ended up getting Employee of the Year....chosen from about 150 employees.

Here he is with cousin Robin back in 2003:

The very happily married couple, Logan and Amy:

Logan and Amy, his beautiful wife and 5 children, Chandler, Austin, Macie, Kylie, and Laurynn:

I love you Logie. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Sad News

Last Mementos Of Cancer Victim Stolen From Family Car

When you get to the link, press "watch video" not the words above it, or you won't have sound.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture Memories of Robin

Jason and Robin

My son Logan with Robin
This was taken in 1993. My parents with all the grandchildren at the time. Robin standing right behind my mom. Click to enlarge.

My oldest son Brock with Robin

Christmas Eve 1979 with her parents and baby sister Natalie
Brock and Robin
Aunt Peggy and Aunt Robin holding Brock, Robin, Logan, and Natalie. The very first grandchildren.
Having dinner in our home last Fall

Robin and Hailey in our playroom last Fall

Logan's wife Amy and Robin last Fall

With the love of her life